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Friday, May 22, 2009

Cherish your love life

Women, especially working moms, are very busy juggling both their
roles as mothers and as employees. Oftentimes, they no longer have
time to think about themselves and have quality time with their
husbands or partners. As result, their sex lives and relationships may
suffer a lot.

If you cherish your love life, you need to make time for your partner
and sex life. Always saying no to the bedtime advances of your man for
the reason that you are tired might make him think that you are no
longer interested in him. It might even give him a reason to look for
love from someone else. So why say no?

Come to think of it, sex has a lot of benefits. Aside from improving
your immune system and helping get rid of pain caused by arthritis,
headaches and even menstrual cramps, vigorous romping is also a good
form of exercise. Here are ways to rekindle your sex life now:

Try To Communicate

No matter how busy you are, you need to make sure that you have an
open communication with your significant other. Remember, it doesn't
count how long you have been with your loved one; he is not a psychic
to know how you feel and what you like. By communicating the things
you want, especially when it comes to under-the-bedcover action, your
partner will have an idea on what to do to make your sexual encounters
more pleasurable and desirable for both of you. Your man would be more
enthusiastic making love with you if he knows that you are reaching
ecstasy whenever you do the act.

Boost Your Energy

Not having enough time or being tired is no excuse for you to forever
skip the nighttime trysts with your hubby. Although sexual desires
start to decline as you age, making sure that you are well rested and
energetic can still help you boost your libido.

Regular exercise is important in minimizing stress and bolstering your
physical health. Be sure to exercise or perform physical activities at
least 30 minutes a day. During the first few weeks, you might feel a
little tired from exercising; however, after you have gotten used to
the extra physical exertion, you will feel more energized.

Create A Mood

If you feel that your sex life is suffering because of your being too
busy, you should take it upon yourself to create a mood. By dimming
the lights, using satin sheets, or using aromatic fragrances inside
your room and wearing slinky underwear, you will be able to create a
mood for a night of passion.

Sending messages, writing emails or leaving notes that suggest you are
ready for a hot night over the weekend can also create anticipation
and longing, making your planned weekend getaway more sexually

Build Your Self-Image

Before you can have sex without inhibitions, you first need to have a
healthy self-image. In order to enhance your physical attributes, you
better exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight and well-toned

You can also improve the way you look and feel a lot sexier if you
know how to dress for your shape and size. There are many articles on
the Internet and in magazines that will help you know what type of
clothes are ideal for your body.

Lastly, if you have small breasts, you can enhance them by using the
right type of bra. Or you can also augment your breast size by using
breast enhancing products that contain natural ingredients to safely
increase your breast size, just like Clevastin....not that I need
it..but I am sure you can always gently suggest it to your love
interest. Just make sure you don't do it in bed. :)


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