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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zebra Print Bikini

As much as the bikini has become an essential for any girls summer
wardrobe, the zebra print bikini has become an equally essential
addition to a girls summer closet. What better print to lift your
spirits and make you feel like a sexy minx all Summer long. Whether
it's a halter style, tie side bottom or padded top there are a variety
of cuts to suit every body shape.

Perhaps the expression simple is often best, is why this elegant
bikini has become one of the hottest selling bikinis this year. Even
better is that the most common colors in a persons wardrobe are black
and white so whatever you wear your zebra print bikini with in will
look coordinated, stylish and very contemporary.

Maybe it is the mere fact that as it has survived season after season
and its demand keeps increasing is testimony to the fact that this
style is a must have. A simple print of black and white, no fuss, no
straight lines to accentuate perhaps those unflattering curves, this
style of bikini has become extreme popular from Miss Universe
contestants to super stars of the silver screen there are countless
fashionistas who have donned the bikini at a beach or pool near you.

Animal prints inspired by the African savannas have come and gone over
the seasons including tiger, leopard, snake and giraffe. In the 80s
the leopard print was extremely popular and enjoyed a brief resurgence
in demand in the Spring/Supper season of 08. It is however the zebra
print bikini that seems to have a timeless popularity, surviving
season after season, seemingly taking place as a staple must have like
the simple black bikini but with a little more fun, and enjoying
seasonal increased popularity as it has over the last two season and
would seem to this coming spring/summer beach season.

Other celebrities spotted by paparazzi in just the past 12 months
sporting zebra pint bikinis were Tila Tequila, Kim Kardashian, Heidi
Montag, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell and one of the most famous
celebrity bikini bodies Jessica Alba.

And in these depressed times, when the media is screaming doom and
gloom, what better way to make yourself feel better, than looking
fantastic in the season's hottest print bikini - the zebra print
bikini. Whether its on spring break or by a luxury pool in Bora Bora
this is truly one of the most versatile prints available.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Get there together...

Shopping for erotic lingerie together as a couple is a great way to spice up your sex life. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing. Browsing for erotic lingerie together can bring you closer and help you reach a deeper level of intimacy in a fun, light-hearted way. After all, the point of erotic lingerie is to give free rein to fantasies you both have and enliven your intimate life. What better way to explore those fantasies together than to look at the all the erotic lingerie there is? Just looking can bring a wealth of ideas to give your sex life a boost, whether it needs one or not.

Erotic lingerie doesn't have to be a solitary affair. If you're looking for erotic lingerie, you may want a little spice for your sex life, and what better way than to share the selections and anticipation with your partner? Shopping for erotic lingerie together can also increase intimacy and open up discussion about fantasies you may want to explore. Fulfilling desires can start with something as simple as a little bit of sexy, erotic lingerie to put some heat into the bedroom - and it can give you both some great ideas, too!

Buying exotic lingerie with your partner may be something you've never done, but it can be a great way to put some spice into your sex life and open up intimate discussion. Being together as a couple includes sharing and intimacy, and everyone has their fantasies. Deciding to explore erotic lingerie together can let those fantasies free and liven up the playtime in the bedroom. Even if you don't buy, shopping for exotic lingerie together can give you plenty of ideas and bring some spice to your sex life!

Shopping for erotic lingerie together ensures that any intimate apparel you buy is sure to delight you both. So much of the time, people buy erotic lingerie that doesn't really bring any zing into the bedroom. Maybe he has a thing for lacey and innocent baby dolls or corsets and bustiers, or he may enjoy see-through lingerie. Maybe you have a thing for exotic costume lingerie or sexy panties. Since these things are sometimes difficult to talk about. Browsing an online erotic lingerie store or shop together can make it easier to share what turns you both on - or off.

That's important to a couple. Discovering that he isn't particularly fond of teddies or bodysuits can help you avoid purchasing erotic lingerie that isn't going to do much for him (which ultimately won't do much for you either!). Finding out he loves corsets, however, tells you one thing sure to bring that wicked gleam to his eye.

While shopping for lingerie together, it's important to keep an open mind, though. Maybe you never pictured yourself in sheer baby doll lingerie - but he has. Once you know this, be willing to give it a try. If you absolutely can't see yourself wearing anything like that, he should be willing to let the fantasy go. There are so many possibilities when it comes to sexy lingerie that if you continue to look and talk openly, you're certain to find many alternatives that will delight you both.

When shopping for erotic lingerie with your partner, both of you must have open minds about what the other may be interested in. You may not have considered sheer baby doll lingerie - but he has. He may not have considered a wicked corset, but you have. Be willing to try each other's selections, but if you really feel uncomfortable wearing something he selects, he should be willing to let the idea go. There are so many options for erotic lingerie that there's sure to be choices that please you both.

Discussion, talking, and open minds are a part of shopping for erotic lingerie together. Each of you has fantasies that you may not be aware of, and while you may never have considered yourself an erotic costume girl, he may have. He may not have thought sheer baby doll lingerie tempting and exotic, but you have. If you feel that you absolutely don't want to wear a certain garment, then your partner should be willing to drop the idea and move on to another selection that you both like. Talking and sharing about what sort of erotic lingerie turns you on or off is important to finding a selection that gets both of you warmed up.

The point of erotic lingerie shopping together is to bring you closer and help you get to know each other better-or to heat your sex life up a bit if it's gone stale. You'll be amazed at what you learn about each other and how a little sexy lingerie can bring you both so much pleasure.

Make a date to do some online erotic lingerie shopping together. Open a bottle of wine and boot up the computer. Find some erotic lingerie you think you'll both love. If you're a little shy, find a nice online store, load up a page of selections, and casually ask him which he likes best. You'll soon find yourself clicking through selections of erotic lingerie as a couple.

Shopping for exotic lingerie from the privacy of your own home or apartment can be a thrill all by itself-and the anticipation of the impending delivery of erotic lingerie can get your libido higher than you might imagine. The thoughts and ideas that you have while you wait those few days for your package to arrive might have you both enjoying the wait enough to make shopping for sexy lingerie together a regular part of your sex lives. That's a sure way to keep the spice in your sex life for a long time to come!

Just shopping alone can add some spark and anticipation into the thrill. Knowing a special delivery of erotic lingerie is on the way can fill both your heads with thoughts of when to wear the erotic lingerie and where. Thinking on the matter can heat up the waiting period quite a bit, enough that you may want to make shopping for erotic lingerie a new part of your sex lives. You may end up fanning the flames of desire to keep them burning for a long time to come!

While you may have to wait a little for the delivery of your exotic lingerie to arrive, the anticipation of that impending day will have you and your partner's imaginations lit up during the wait. You may find that the heat of the anticipation is almost worth more than the delivery of your exotic lingerie, enough that shopping together becomes a regular moment you share. You may end up discovering that shopping for erotic lingerie is something that keeps your sex life nice and spicy all the time!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trendy Lingerie

The word 'Lingerie' in general illustrates both female and male undergarments but a lingerie term is normally used for woman's intimate night wear Bras-panties, thongs, stocking, night gowns, garters and sheer lingerie all this garments comes under lingerie term. This fashion helping luxury undergarment expresses women's beauty loving feminine personality, apart from the basic need of supporting her figure.
If women having in naughty relationship they might be searching for the ideal sheer lingerie to wear, this will feel them like a million bucks. Now-a-days there are many great silk lingerie, sensual and seductive sheer lingerie available in market which will be ideal for your naughty liaisons. As a matter o reality, stunning and elegant looking lingerie brings out the feminine charm in a woman in all its grandeur and makes her an object of desire.
Sheer Lingerie
If you want to buy naughty exotic lingerie, then here is a great option for you buy sheer lingerie. Although that is what women think about lingerie which can make them attractive and appealing in a minute.
If you decided to use lingerie to its all prospective then you can make your all body area striking When you use lingerie to its fullest prospective, you can make your body more striking and stimulating. Sheer lingerie is a secret key to unlock hidden potential. By choosing wisely you will be able to direct attention to the most flattering areas of your body while downplaying areas you are not as comfortable with.
Sensual Lingerie
Different parts of women's body accentuated with help of different style and patent of lingerie. Sensual baby doll type lingerie can enhance more attraction to women's bust and cover their middle area. While booty shorts will emphasize their buttocks and sensual stocking style lingerie dress up women's legs.
Seductive Lingerie
With help of seductive adult lingerie women can unlock their body's hidden potential. Pick something different that will translate into a more confident you. And if you are more confident in your body, it will make positive strengths and doesn't draw undue attention to your less flattering areas.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Evening Ideas

Evenings are practically the only time that many people bond with their partner. It's the time for renewing the love and intimacy that is required in any love relationships. To maximize time, you need to come up with romantic evening ideas that don't have to be complicated or expensive – after all, it's your creativity that counts and not your wallet.
Romantic evening ideas should be geared towards the satisfaction of your partner in life. In fact, your romantic evening ideas should show your partner that you love them, as well as giving them the affection and attention they need to keep their love of you alive.
A Dinner Of Love
One of most effective romantic evening ideas is to fix up a candlelight dinner for two in the comforts of your own home. You don't need to go to a ritzy restaurant to have a nice and quiet meal together.
Tell your partner in the morning, before they leave for work, that you have something planned for the night. Give them a sweet kiss and an "I love you" to keep their curiosity on fire. Your partner will be thinking about your surprise the entire day and will be anticipating it.
Prepare some luscious home cooked meals and set up the dining table for a romantic dinner for two. Take out some candles and put on the most romantic music you can find to give it the right mood. This is commonly used as a prelude to romance and will give make your partner excited over what will come after the hearty dinner.
Enjoying Your Backyard
One great way to spending a romantic night with your partner is to enjoy it in the comforts of your own backyard.
If you are graced with a clear, starry sky, then these romantic evening ideas should require a little bit of wine of start the mood, as well as the perfect couch to make you and your partner comfortable for a little bit of cuddling.
In truth, anything and anywhere can have romantic appeal. These romantic evening ideas are just two of the many things you can do to keep your evening interesting and your partner anticipating many more to come.

Something to wear at night

In certain situations and for certain people, cotton pajamas
may be the best gift to buy. Here are eight simple reasons why you can't go wrong with cotton pajamas:
If you wish to ensure that the recipient won't have any reason to misconstrue your gift for anything other than just a plain gift, cotton pajamas are just the answer to your present dilemma (yes, pun intended). Unless you and the other person have inside jokes about cotton pajamas, there's no way for any person to derive any hidden implication from a simple gift of cotton pajamas.
There are a number of situations that warrant a need for cotton pajamas, and will definitely make you a thoughtful guest for giving such a gift. Cotton pajamas may be deemed necessary in the following conditions:
Finicky Sleepers – If the recipient is known to have a hard time sleeping, your gift symbolizes your concern and your wish for him or her to enjoy a good night's sleep. Jewelries or clothes can never give a person a deep restful slumber the way comfortable cotton pajamas can!
Moving Out – People who are moving out to a new state, and one where the nights are longer and colder, will benefit from a new pair of pajamas because most of their old sleepwear is probably inadequate to use in their new home.
Camping – While living right next to Mother Nature can be quite an experience, that doesn't mean it will be all sweetness and light. Mosquitoes present quite a problem. If you know you're recipient is about to leave for a camping trip, your cotton pajamas will definitely prove to be a godsend!
Conservativeness – Conservative individuals who are about to test their demure sensibilities by living with people of the other sex will thank you for giving them just the right type of sleepwear to make them feel safe and secure at night.
Unlike other gifts, cotton pajamas are not only practical choices but affordable as well. They're certainly cheaper and more useful than a bouquet of imported flowers!
For people with everything, there's probably little thing in this world that will make them exclaim in surprised pleasure…except for a gift of cotton pajamas!
If your daughter is planning to hold a slumber party, you can surprise her with a beautiful pair of cotton pajamas. Of course, make sure that you choose cotton pajamas which are designed according to her preferences and not yours. Kids nowadays simply have different tastes from adults.
If adults can never be too thin or too rich, babies can never have too many pairs of cotton pajamas. Whether your godchild's a girl or a boy, a cute pair of cotton pajamas is sure to please your godchild's doting parents.
While some people believe that they have to look great and feel great before they can confidently wear sexy lingerie, no such issues bother the wearer when it comes to cotton pajamas. With cotton pajamas, you don't have to be extra confident, extra sexy or extra anything. With cotton pajamas, all you have to be is just yourself and that's why they make the perfect gift

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shy with Lingerie?

I am amazed at how many people are uppity about lingerie, or, shy and bashful, or misunderstanding of lingerie companies. I have been finding out more and more how uptight most people are about lingerie and it's dealers...
Some act like lingerie is disgusting. Please, what is disgusting about a beautiful person in a gorgeous gown, or chemise? Some act like they shouldn't let others know that they find lingerie exciting. Whynot? Some love lingerie. but, hide their feelings about it, and, never let anyone know how much they love it, order it, or wear it. What is up with this???
Myself, I adore lingerie. There are certain lingerie styles and accessories which do not appeal to me, but, hey, that is true with everything. I love looking like a sexy and seductive woman, for that is much a part of my personality. I adore being looked upon as a temptress, as sensuous and exciting, for that is what makes a relationship healthy and strong. I love the materials, the styles, the cut, the detail, the feminine edge to the kind of lingerie which I choose; ladylike, soft, sexy, and with an impact which can take the breath from a man. It is feeling of pure pleasure to see a man enthralled with me draped in beautiful, sheer or not, glamorous materials, which flow on my body, or hug to my curves, creating a much more enticing me...
Lingerie is a wonderful part of life. It enhances, it creates allure, fantasy, and brings one into touch with their 'star' side. When you allow yourself to become a character with each lingerie ensemble, you are releasing a side of you which is carefree, confident, and bewitching. Nothing spells romance better than a couple who can share their fantasies, or act out new ones which they have devised together. Nothing keeps a couple closer than those who are open to their sensuality; it is love personified, demystified, and, fully shared, and, from my stand point, it doesn't get much better than that...
Then, there is the attitude one has which won't allow them to experiment with the lovely choices of lingerie because they feel that it would not look good on them. Believe me, there are so many choices, that you will find plenty which will look great on you, and, age is no factor either, for you can find exquisite full coverage, if you feel that is the case. Besides that, your partner has already seen you as you are, but, have they seen you as a dramatic and devastating tease? You see what I mean?
Yes, lingerie is essential for many reasons, and, it is nothing to hide from. It is the silver lining in the black cloud of stagnation in a relationship. It is the spark of fire which keeps the love alive. It is the stuff which dreams are made of, and, of which dreams are kept alive. Lingerie is a statement of that which needs not be spoken, instead enjoyed by all involved...