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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't be Shy With Lingerie

I am amazed at how many people are uppity about lingerie, or, shy and bashful, or misunderstanding of lingerie companies. I have been finding out more and more how uptight most people are about lingerie and it's dealers...

Some act like lingerie is disgusting. Please, what is disgusting about a beautiful person in a gorgeous gown, or chemise? Some act like they shouldn't let others know that they find lingerie exciting. Whynot? Some love lingerie. but, hide their feelings about it, and, never let anyone know how much they love it, order it, or wear it. What is up with this???

Myself, I adore lingerie. There are certain lingerie styles and accessories which do not appeal to me, but, hey, that is true with everything. I love looking like a sexy and seductive woman, for that is much a part of my personality. I adore being looked upon as a temptress, as sensuous and exciting, for that is what makes a relationship healthy and strong. I love the materials, the styles, the cut, the detail, the feminine edge to the kind of lingerie which I choose; ladylike, soft, sexy, and with an impact which can take the breath from a man. It is feeling of pure pleasure to see a man enthralled with me draped in beautiful, sheer or not, glamorous materials, which flow on my body, or hug to my curves, creating a much more enticing me...

Lingerie is a wonderful part of life. It enhances, it creates allure, fantasy, and brings one into touch with their 'star' side. When you allow yourself to become a character with each lingerie ensemble, you are releasing a side of you which is carefree, confident, and bewitching. Nothing spells romance better than a couple who can share their fantasies, or act out new ones which they have devised together. Nothing keeps a couple closer than those who are open to their sensuality; it is love personified, demystified, and, fully shared, and, from my stand point, it doesn't get much better than that...

Then, there is the attitude one has which won't allow them to experiment with the lovely choices of lingerie because they feel that it would not look good on them. Believe me, there are so many choices, that you will find plenty which will look great on you, and, age is no factor either, for you can find exquisite full coverage, if you feel that is the case. Besides that, your partner has already seen you as you are, but, have they seen you as a dramatic and devastating tease? You see what I mean?

Yes, lingerie is essential for many reasons, and, it is nothing to hide from. It is the silver lining in the black cloud of stagnation in a relationship. It is the spark of fire which keeps the love alive. It is the stuff which dreams are made of, and, of which dreams are kept alive. Lingerie is a statement of that which needs not be spoken, instead enjoyed by all involved...


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pick up lines for these girls

The reason corny pick up lines don't work is because they say a lot
about the person delivering them. Corny pick up lines will only spoil
your chances.

Guess what? Did you know that there is a pick up line so alluring, and
seductive that when used makes her melt into your arms!


No, Sorry just jerking your chain; but the quest for such a line has
created an entire industry and men search for this magic phrase; like
historians search for the Holy Grail.

The reason for this powerful demand is men really believe they can
compensate their shyness when approaching women if they are armed with
what they believe to be a witty pick up line. Sadly the pick up line
is far from being witty; it's downright corny and corny pick up lines
tell the woman you are inexperienced and shy. As you know "actions
speak louder than words" and a corny pick up line says you have low
self confidence and nothing turns away a woman faster than a man with
no confidence.

Confidence is the key, if you have the right attitude, and your body
language says you are confident; you can use a corny pick up line, or
any other pick up and be successful.

So, now you know what corny pick up lines really say about you, and
why some can get away with it while others can't let's look at 10
really corny pick up lines:

1.) Come here often Talk about lack of originality, this line
basically says "I'm Bob and I'm lucky to put 2 sentences together."

2.) Can I check your clothes tag? Why? Because you must have been made
in heaven!

Can you say loser!

3.) If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together

4.) Are your legs tired? Because You have been running through my mind
all night.

5.) You know what would look really good on you? Me!

You would be lucky if you didn't get smacked.

6.) Can I borrow a quarter? I promised my mom I would call her when I
met the girl of my dreams.

7.) Is you dad in jail? Cuz he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.

8.)Is there a Ninja in your pants? Cuz your ass is kickin.

9.) I've heard sex is a killer. Want to die happy?

10.) The body is made up of 90% water and I'm thirsty.

Some of these corny pick up lines are funny and some are offensive but
the facts remain; when you are picking up a girl the way you carry
yourself says more to her than what actually comes out of your mouth.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cherish your love life

Women, especially working moms, are very busy juggling both their
roles as mothers and as employees. Oftentimes, they no longer have
time to think about themselves and have quality time with their
husbands or partners. As result, their sex lives and relationships may
suffer a lot.

If you cherish your love life, you need to make time for your partner
and sex life. Always saying no to the bedtime advances of your man for
the reason that you are tired might make him think that you are no
longer interested in him. It might even give him a reason to look for
love from someone else. So why say no?

Come to think of it, sex has a lot of benefits. Aside from improving
your immune system and helping get rid of pain caused by arthritis,
headaches and even menstrual cramps, vigorous romping is also a good
form of exercise. Here are ways to rekindle your sex life now:

Try To Communicate

No matter how busy you are, you need to make sure that you have an
open communication with your significant other. Remember, it doesn't
count how long you have been with your loved one; he is not a psychic
to know how you feel and what you like. By communicating the things
you want, especially when it comes to under-the-bedcover action, your
partner will have an idea on what to do to make your sexual encounters
more pleasurable and desirable for both of you. Your man would be more
enthusiastic making love with you if he knows that you are reaching
ecstasy whenever you do the act.

Boost Your Energy

Not having enough time or being tired is no excuse for you to forever
skip the nighttime trysts with your hubby. Although sexual desires
start to decline as you age, making sure that you are well rested and
energetic can still help you boost your libido.

Regular exercise is important in minimizing stress and bolstering your
physical health. Be sure to exercise or perform physical activities at
least 30 minutes a day. During the first few weeks, you might feel a
little tired from exercising; however, after you have gotten used to
the extra physical exertion, you will feel more energized.

Create A Mood

If you feel that your sex life is suffering because of your being too
busy, you should take it upon yourself to create a mood. By dimming
the lights, using satin sheets, or using aromatic fragrances inside
your room and wearing slinky underwear, you will be able to create a
mood for a night of passion.

Sending messages, writing emails or leaving notes that suggest you are
ready for a hot night over the weekend can also create anticipation
and longing, making your planned weekend getaway more sexually

Build Your Self-Image

Before you can have sex without inhibitions, you first need to have a
healthy self-image. In order to enhance your physical attributes, you
better exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight and well-toned

You can also improve the way you look and feel a lot sexier if you
know how to dress for your shape and size. There are many articles on
the Internet and in magazines that will help you know what type of
clothes are ideal for your body.

Lastly, if you have small breasts, you can enhance them by using the
right type of bra. Or you can also augment your breast size by using
breast enhancing products that contain natural ingredients to safely
increase your breast size, just like Clevastin....not that I need
it..but I am sure you can always gently suggest it to your love
interest. Just make sure you don't do it in bed. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to Tell If someone is in Love with You and not just your body

Meet local singles at Lavalife.com

Meet local singles at Lavalife.com

Meet local singles at Lavalife.com

Meet local singles at Lavalife.com

Sometimes it's difficult to tell for sure when you're in a relationship, especially a long-term relationship, whether or not the man you're dating is in love with you. Your own personal insecurities may play a role in this as well. However, there is one simple truth that is the key to telling if a man is truly in love with you: Actions speak louder than words This is the fundamental truth that most men live by. In contrast, we women tend to be talkers. We will go above and beyond to tell our man just how much we love them. We can get quite poetic at times and men love to hear. However, not all men are as good with words as we women are. A man will most likely show you rather than tell you how much he loves you. A man who shows up on time to meet you, opens doors for you, remembers special occasions in your life, and goes out of his way to take care of your needs really loves you. Even things as simple as taking out the trash, remembering your favorite color or foods, and introducing you to his friends and family are often ways that men show how much they care.

Naturally there is no absolute formula to telling if a man is in love with you as each man is different. However, his actions will say more than anything else. Even the way his friends and family treat you is an indication of how he feels about you. Friends and family are often very good at telling how a man feels. If he's into you his friends and family will most likely throw hints or ask you lots of questions. Asking questions is just their way of telling whether or not you and your man are a good fit. They usually do this once a man has indicated that your relationship could be serious. Think about the way he acts and the way he treats you when you are together.

Meet local singles at Lavalife.com

Does he focus on you or do his eyes wander? Does he turn off his cell phone during a meal with you or is h e busy chatting someone else while you're eating? Does he pull out a chair for you or take aseat and leave you to pull out your own? All of these can be great indicators as to how a man feels about you and where your relationship is in his mind. Its not rocket science to tell if a man really loves you. The important thing to remember is that in a men's world actions speak louder than words.

Hot Couples! :)

There are many hot Hollywood couples to report on, but you don't see a lot of information on interracial celebrity couples. Coming from diverse backgrounds can make for a much more interesting duo. The famous interracial marriage of Lucy and Desi Arnaz led the way, and these couples are hot on their trail.

Hottest Interracial Celebrity Couple #1: Seal and Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum and British musician Seal Henry Samuel married on a beach in Mexico in May 2005. Heidi, who is Caucasian, hails from Germany and her fame rises from her days in the Victoria's Secret catalog. She now has her own hit TV show, Project Runway.

Seal is of Brazilian and Nigerian descent and won the 1992 award for the British Male Solo Artist. Scarred from a childhood battle with lupus, Heidi responds to questions of their relationship with "love is blind." Seal raises Heidi's daughter from a previous relationship and the couple currently have two children of their own.

Hottest Interracial Celebrity Couple #2: David Bowie and Iman

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Bowie married the stunning supermodel in 1992. London born Bowie and Somali born Iman have children from previous relationships, but also have one daughter together who was born in 2000. This attractive couple proves that race does not have to be a factor when it comes to love.

Hottest Interracial Celebrity Couple #3: Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Superstar golfer Tiger Woods is extremely proud to be half African-American and half Thai. While born in California, his wife Elin, a former nanny and model, grew up in Sweden. Tiger says of his relationship with Elin that "It's pretty exciting to find a person who compliments you so well. She's just like me: very competitive with a little bit of a temper."
This duo has been stuck together like glue since their days of performing on Rent in the 90s. Their relationship demonstrates the hatred of some individuals when it comes to interracial dating or marriage. After marrying in 2003, they began to receive threatening letters for "being sellouts to their races." Hopefully rumors of a split aren't true, because they have remained so strong through all the negativity.

Hottest Interracial Celebrity Couple #5: Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) and African-American music producer Chris Ivery are both Boston natives, and have recently announced their engagement. Many were surprised to see the two were a couple after being seen on the Oprah show, but they claim they "are meant to be."

Hottest Interracial Celebrity Couple #4: Taye Diggs and India Menzel